Active - 2021 to 2023
Role - Senior UX/UI Designer
Company -Ā Nucleus Healthcare
One Context Setting
The case study revolves around a component of the Aura product suite, an internal billing management software designed to assist clients in monitoring their product subscriptions within their Nucleus accounts. The primary objective of this software is to enhance transparency in monthly billing statements by itemizing each charge. It also simplifies the breakdown of custom features tailored to individual company policies and privacy clauses.
Moreover, this billing management software serves as a platform to introduce new software products joining the Aura Suite's ecosystem, allowing them to becomeĀ Beta subscribers. This expansion enhances the suite's capabilities and benefits clients by offering an extended range of services.
Additionally, the software emphasizes the use of easily understandable infographics and visualizations on a weekly cycle basis, enabling clients to have a clearer overview of their subscription expenses and making it simpler to manage their accounts effectively. In summary, the case study showcases how this billing management software within the Aura suite adds transparency, flexibility, and usability to subscription tracking, benefitting both clients and the suite's ecosystem.
One Glance Summary
ā€¢Ā Ā Aura product suite
ā€¢Ā Ā Internal billing management software
ā€¢Ā  Track product subscriptions
ā€¢Ā Ā Increase transparency
ā€¢Ā  Breakdown custom features
ā€¢Ā Ā Tailored to policy and privacy clauses
ā€¢Ā  Beta Subscribers for new products

Image Description: Laptop mockup of Dashboard - each Aura Suite's product is illustrated by a line chart, bar graph, or pie chart - governed by 3 filters - daily, weekly, and monthly

Ideation & Mood board - w/ a grain of salt
During the initial scope dusting - requirement gathering stage; IĀ reserveĀ sessions forĀ collecting and researching visual libraries of UI design as it is crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the current design trends. These libraries serve as a wellspring of inspiration, providingĀ valuable insights into emerging aesthetics and certain user preferences. This allows me to pixel sculpt frames that are fresh, relevant, and aligned with the ever-evolving design landscape.
Dribbble stands out as an amazing platform for reigniting the conceptual and creative aspects of design thinking. It's a source of endless creativity and innovation, showcasing imaginative concepts that can spark new ideas and solutions. However, while Dribbble is fantastic for generating innovative design concepts, it's important to remember that not everything showcased there may be immediately feasible in terms of code or practical implementation. Therefore, it should be used as a source of inspiration and creativity rather than as a blueprint for 100% code-ready components.
Jira Ticket Sync Plugin
High-fidelity Prototype
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